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6 thoughts on “ Cirrus Minor

  1. About Cirrus Minor "Cirrus Minor" is a song written and performed Pink Floyd. It is the first track on their album Soundtrack from the Film More. The song would later be .
  2. Feb 10,  · On a trip to Cirrus Minor, saw a crater in the sun a thousand miles of moonlight later. _____ Well, after the guitar fades and gives her place to an organ Suggestions, corrections? Kruge [email protected]
  3. Design and development. The Blackburn Cirrus Major started life as a continued evolution of the original Cirrus and Hermes series of aircraft engines which had been in production for the last decade. C. S. Napier, son of engine designer Montague Napier, was Technical Director and Chief Designer for Cirrus-Hermes Engineering when he began work on two new engines, the Cirrus minor and the larger First run:
  4. All lyrics with accompanying chords, tablature of linking riffs, coda chord pattern, full chord legend included.
  5. “Cirrus Minor” is the first track on the album Soundtrack from the Film More.. The song is 5 minutes 15 seconds long. It was written by Roger Waters and performed with David Gilmour.
  6. "Cirrus Minor" has an unusual chord sequence: E minor, E flat major augmented, G major, C# minor 7, C major 7, C minor 7 and B 7. The chords are built around the chromatically descending bass line. The B 7 chord is the only one who fits into the functional context of the E minor key. This chord sequence gives the song a very surreal atmosphere.

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